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This Reasons Why Choose Bluehost Hosting Service

Bluehost Hosting Service

Onetotech News – These are the author’s personal reviews regarding the performance of the Bluehost Hosting service for the Website or blog. The author has been using this service for almost 2 years and has at least felt the performance and quality of the blueshost hosting service. Why the title of this review seem convincing? because this is the real fact. So for you who are looking for hosting services please refer to the end of this article. This Reasons Why Choose Bluehost Hosting Service and not others.

Bluehost currently holds over 2 million websites, and this is one of the most popular and cheap hosting service options. Their affiliate program is profitable because according to data released each year they have to pay more than $ 5 million. That’s a lot. Therefore, any blogger who signs up through WordPress installation, they will recommend Bluehost as their hosting service option. Because Bluehost gives a quick commission per referral.

In addition to delivering a cheap and relatively affordable price. Bluehost is the best hosting service that has several advantages. Here are the details of the advantages of Bluehost hosting service according to Onetotech.com version.

Why Must Choose Bluehost Hosting Service

Actually in say no obligation because it all depends you want to choose which one. Bluehost became the choice of many people because of the hosting service they provide is very good. Customer support and prices are relatively affordable.

Bluehost has been more than 20 years engaged in serving the needs of hosting and they have now become an official partner as a hosting service WordPress. Where every customer who will upgrade the account from the free to premium then automatically using WordPress hosting service from Bluehost.

Here are the features that offer bluehost that you will get later:

  • Free Domain For 1 Year, following your shared hosting package.
  • Packaging features in fully-equipped cPanel, supporting Cloudflare integration, Softaculous, Page Speed ​​Graders, Google Apps,
  • Custom Domain Email, FTP, and more. In addition, the look of their cPanel is also somewhat more minimalist and neat so it is easier to use than the look of cPanel in general.
  • Premium Anti-Spam protection already provided in cPanel.
  • Unlimited custom email accounts.
  • Automatic backup, so Bluehost can backup all your website data in either daily, weekly or even monthly period automatically, so you do not have to worry about losing data anymore.
  • The server hardware used is always upgraded to the latest version, so it keeps upgrading to keep the hosting stable, so as to minimize down server level.
  • Unlimited 24-hour support service from both phone and chat, so you are always there to help whenever you need help.
  • Free upgrades to VPS or higher class Hosting Packages, you do not have to bother upgrading if you want to upgrade the hosting you use.
  • Directly integrated with Cloudflare CDN.
  • Unique IP, Site-Lock, and SSL to improve security.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and much more.

How To Get Bluehost Hosting Services

As with any other hosting service, in Bluehost also applies the same for each new user. They are required to have an account there. For more details, this is the step sequence for listing the Bluehost Hosting Service.

  • Visit the Bluehost Website
  • Choose a hosting service that suits your needs.
  • Choose Domain name, Free domain and Discount coupon using this Link (Coupon).
  • Enter full information about who you are.
  • Choose how many years you will pay bill Bluehost.
  • If interested please add an extra service provided in Bluehost (Optional)
  • Confirm Registration and Completed.

If you have completed the registration and make payment then the free hosting service with your domain is ready for use. Simply go to the dashboard Bluehost and select WordPress one-click then your new website has been online instantly.

Interested to follow affiliate program from bluehost? it’s very easy and you can register whenever you want. If you want to become a bluehost hosting service user and sign up for Affiliate program please use the following link (Bluehost Affiliate List).

The commission payment system using Paypal and automatically when already have income will be directly debited to your paypal account.

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Hosting Your blog using Bluehost today, because there is an attractive discount on offer there. You want to create a Wocommerce based online store or create a website specifically for your business Bluehost is the choice. The price is not cheap in doubt and the customer support team 24/7 nonstop day.

So a few brief reviews that can Onetotech share for you and hopefully can make your reference materials in choosing the best hosting service. Using a Bluehost Hosting Service is a recommendation from us.