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What is HEIF and HEIC and Why Does Apple Use It?

Apa itu HEIF dan HEIC

Onetotech.com – Apple adopted a new standard image format called HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) in 2017. Apple calls the use of HEIC (High Efficiency Image Container) file format and HEIF on iOS 11 is to replace a file format called JPEG. What is HEIF and HEIC and Why Does Apple Use It?

With the reason that the use of HEIC file format (High Efficiency Image Container) and HEIF can store images with better quality without reducing much storage space.

The HEIF format is based on advanced video compression technology developed by Motion Picture Experts Group, HVEC (also known as H.265).

What is the difference between HEIF and JPEG?

The HEIF format can capture color in 10-bit but JPEG format can only capture color in 8-bit. That means the HEIF format supports transparency and can handle images in 16-bit. Images with HEIF format about 50 percent smaller than the same image are stored in JPEG format. Illustration, if our Device supports HEIF format means we can save twice as many pictures on iPhone or other iOS device.

Another big advantage is HEIF can bring many different kinds of information.

While JPEG can carry data consisting of a single image. HEIF can carry a single image and sequence from both it acts like a container. You can store multiple images, and can also place audio, image thumbnails and other information there.

How Apple Can Use HEIC?

Portrait Mode iPhone 7 is a good example of how Apple can work with this. Portrait mode captures multiple versions of images and unifies them to create a much better Portrait with a much higher quality than JPEG.

Capacity to bring depth of image information. HEIC can allow Apple to use the compression format as part of the augmented reality technology it is working on.

How does HEIF and HEIC work?

Mac and iOS users who install iOS 11 and High Sierra macos will automatically be moved to the new image format. But only the images they take after those upgrades will be saved in this new format.

Not applicable to all old images, as they will be saved in the previous image format.

You need to know that when we will share images, Apple devices will only convert HEIF images to JPEG.

This is because Apple has been providing HVEC video standards in iPhone and iPad hardware since it first introduced the product.  iPad, iPhone 8 series, and iPhone X can encode and decode images in video format briefly and This is the same when handling HEIC.

This means that when you send a picture email, send it with iMessage, or just through an application that does not have HEIF support. Your device will silently change it to JPEG in real-time and move it to HEIC.

When iOS and macOS users migrate to the new format. you’ll see an image that uses the .heif file name extension. This indicates that they are stored in a new format called HEIF.

That’s a little review of what it is HEIF and HEIC, Hopefully useful. To see an example of an image with HEIF format can take a look at this page.