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Advantages Nokia 7.1, What are you know ?

Keunggulan Nokia 7.1 Plus

Nokia 6.1, which was just released in my country (Indonesia), is now rumored that the successor to Nokia 7.1 will be coming soon. This is crazy, but I want to know, what are the advantages Nokia 7.1.

Images that have been circulating on the internet are claimed to be the official rendering of Nokia 7.1 plus.

This resolution is called Full HD plus (2,280 x 1,080 pixels) with an aspect ratio of 19: 9. Meanwhile, the notch appears to be of medium size, similar to that found in Nokia 6.1 Plus.

I don’t know what’s right, if the previous leak claims that Nokia 7.1 doesn’t have a score. But this time he was seen using a notch, whatever it was if I could say, that Nokia 7.1 plus would later use a notch.

Peek at the advantages Nokia 7.1

On the rear camera lens, the label says “ZEISS”. Everyone knows that the lens manufacturer’s label is not available on Nokia 6.1. This could be a sign that the advantages Nokia 7.1 plus for dual cameras will be better.

The round fingerprint scanner and the Android One logo are also visible on the back of the phone. This indicates that Nokia 7.1 Plus will still use the plain Android version.

Considering that the Android OS 9 Pie has been inaugurated by Google, there are allegations that Nokia 7.1 Plus will immediately run this operating system from the factory.

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What about the engine? Nokia 7.1 Plus might carry the Snapdragon 710 chipset paired with 6 GB of RAM.

Can’t wait for the presence of The Next Nokia?

Nokia 7.1 Plus is predicted to launch on the 4th of October. There is still no information regarding the price later. And also for the advantages of Nokia 7.1 plus other not so complete information that can be excavated.