How to Make Payment Buttons With Just a Few Easy Steps – When a payment method is so easy, why not we try it. If you know PayPal and once used it to make a transaction it’s worth trying to make a payment button from Here is how to make payment buttons with just a few easy steps. The way is quite easy and only in a few steps. You can follow the guidelines of this article below.

The latest PayPal offer, a service called, invites you to receive money more easily, as long as all your friends have also used PayPal, or are willing to sign up, PayPal.

This service is only Web-based (no mobile app), allows you to send a page link that your friends can use to pay you back. Independent service providers, such as personal trainers and tour guides, can also use to request payment. No need to fear, because transactions for goods and services are protected by PayPal’s purchase protection.

Here’s how you can use PayPal. I easily ask for money.

Make Payment Buttons

The first thing you should do is to visit Then register a PayPal account if you do not have but if you already have a PayPal account just click the create link button.

Here’s the easy guide :

1. Navigate to

How to Make Payment Button 2

2. Click Get Started

How to Make Payment Button 3

3. Enter Your Desired Username

How to Make Payment Button 4

4. Click Graph This Link

How to Make Payment Button 5

5. Log into your PayPal account or sign up for a new one

How to Make Payment Button 6

6. Check that your information is accurate.

How to Make Payment Button 7


7. Select a theme color

How to Make Payment Button 8

8. Upload a picture

How to Make Payment Button 9

9. Click Create Your

How to Make Payment Button 10

Now you are ready to start asking for money with your new link. To request payment, just send your link ( to your friends via SMS, email or IM or social media. If you want to add a certain dollar amount, you can add it to the end of your link (

This service does not automatically ping your friends, and to request payment you must send a link to that person. The service only removes the need for people to sign in to their PayPal account. entering your PayPal email or username to send money to people will make a lot of wasted time. So this is a practical tool.

Last Modified : 2018-04-9