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Main Factor of Website Ranking in Mobile Search Results

five ways to improve your website ranking in mobile search results

Onetotech.com – Google recently announced that In July Upcoming page speed will be the main factor of website ranking in mobile search results.

This problem has actually been discussed long enough by web site developers like us. But we’re glad it’s now confirmed because Google has also started rolling out the mobile index, which precisely puts mobile search results first.

The page speed is very important for the user experience.

Pages that take a long time to load tend to have a higher bounce rate.

Slow pages loading may also negatively impact your conversion rate because end users will not wait for pages to load.

Five Ways to Improve Your Website Ranking in Mobile Search Results

Because Google launched the mobile index and used the first mobile approach by dedicating the main index to mobile. I think the page speed can be more than a medium level signal than on a light signal like HTTP.

If you give users good content and they can easily find what they are looking for, why not? All users’ intentions to find what they are looking for can easily be found on our website.

Here are five ways to improve your website ranking in mobile search results.

1. Provide Extraordinary Content Experience

Be prepared for the mobile index by ensuring that you provide the right content experience and have high quality content that meets the intent of the user. You must have content that meets the relationships between each other.

2. Make Your Site Super Fast

Make sure your page loads as fast as possible, preferably in one to two seconds. Users will not sit around and wait for your page to load to find a solution to their problem or find something they are looking for.

There are (at least) nine other sites that are trying to get clicks and so your site should load as quickly as possible to stay competitive.

3. Consider using AMP

Although AMP is not the current ranking factor, it could be in the future. There are other ways to speed up your website if you do not want to use AMP.

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However, you should consider using AMP as this page loads very quickly – and you can potentially increase conversions and see improved search engine rankings once AMP becomes a ranking signal.

4. Check your Mobile Eligibility

Use the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool or the Gtmetrix tool to start seeing the speed of your mobile pages and make sure all your pages are mobile-friendly. This will make your Website Ranking in Mobile Search Results.

5. Have the Call to Action button

While this is not appropriate for SEO, you may also want to invite users to be able to visit your site continuously. For example,

You invite them to download a leaflet or take other action when they arrive on your landing page, making sure users find CTA faster.

Can You Test the Results of Mobile Page Speed?

Google has many different signals for mobile. So it would be wise to test the impact of mobile page speed on the visibility and performance of your search engine. If this is hard to do, I have described the potential test solution below.

You might be able to set up some logical A / B tests by creating two identical pages on the same domain.

With the same template, you’ll create unique content focused on very similar keywords.

For example, page one will be optimized for “Trains arriving very Old” and other pages optimized for “Trains arriving really fast”.

Wait until they start rating it, say in position 75. Then add some heavy scripts to one of the pages and measure the result.

By the time you are done with this test, Google will release some new mobile index updates that may disrupt the results of your test data.

Other scenarios may be able to pick up some of the top ranked pages in the top five. Then delete all pages except some pages with very light elements like some images and content. No CSS, or unnecessary JavaScript and so on.

Better yet, grab this page when it’s within striking distance. Somewhere between 11-19. See if this will show the page is ranked 1 or not and if you get more conversions. Nothing is impossible.


With the launch of this mobile index, Google now claims that speed will be a major factor in website rankings in mobile search results. It’s time to start taking this seriously.

Doing so will help improve your user experience. increase conversions, keeping users on your site longer.