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How to Avoid From Crime Skimming

Tips agar terhindar dari kejahatan skimming di ATM

Onetotech.com – Skimming is the act of stealing credit or debit card information by copying information contained on the card’s magnetic strip illegally. This strip is the black width line located at the back of the ATM card. Its function is more or less like tape, ferromagnetic material that can be used to store data. Then how to avoid from crime skimming at ATM? Here are tips for you to stay safe in transactions via ATM.

Skimming can also be referred to as phishing or fooling. Phishing typically occurs in the world of the internet where a site is duplicated to look as real as possible to the original. How the phishing work is usually the victim will be directed to the fake site.  So that data data in the victim’s input will be automatically entered into the database of the perpetrators of phishing.

Tips agar terhindar dari kejahatan skimming di ATM

So the method of skimming and phising can be said to be similar but the media in use differently. Just a few days ago scene of a customer who lost money in mysterious savings.  And after the investigation was the customer exposed skimming. This happens usually because of the inaccuracy of the user ATM and also the Bank managers who do not always check the condition of the  ATM machines.

Then how to avoid crime like this skimming? Here are the important tips for you to always be vigilant when will do transactions through ATM machines.

So, How to Avoid From Crime Skimming

The first thing to do to avoid this skimming crime is to pay attention when you enter the PIN number. PIN or personal identity number is confidential so only you can know it. So to enter the PIN number when going to transact in the ATM machine try to cover your fingers with the other hand.

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Why should be like that, because the skimming tool can be placed in a hidden place which when you enter the PIN number is not in the cap will be captured by the skimming tool. This also prevents people queuing behind you from seeing your PIN number details.

ATM Machines

Then all you have to do to avoid the crime of skimming is, Pay attention to condition of ATM machine. If you find something different from the usual on the ATM machine immediately report the security guard. So Try if you will make transactions via ATM machine. Choose the location closest to the crowd especially who has a security guard. More in suggest you can choose the location of ATM machines in the Bank in accordance with your Savings Account.

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The last is if you are waiting in line and find the person who is in the ATM booth for too long immediately report the security guard to be scolded or asked by the security guard. This is important because it could be that person is installing a skimming tool or the like to launch his evil intentions.

In conclusion, to stay safe in transactions through ATM machines and avoid the crime of skimming is always check and re-start before the start. So a few tips for Onetotech loyal readers to avoid the crime of skimming at ATM, may be useful and useful.