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How much is this Male Sex Robot Price ?

Male Sex Robot Price

Onetotech.com – Just information for you men, will your future be threatened by the presence of Male Sex Robot. Should you compete with robots to conquer a woman’s heart. Do not get it, because it must be painful.

According to news circulating Bionix sex robot will soon be gliding this year. Matt McMullen, the founder of Realbotix who is also the maker of Harmony sex robots, and the team is preparing for male sex robot.

Just for information, Harmony is a female sex robot that is very similar to humans. This robot is equipped with artificial intelligence to interact with users.

“We were the first to make a sex robot with a platform of men and women,” said McMullen, as quoted from page Daily Mail, some time ago. But he did not mention when exactly this robot will be present.

Male Sex Robot Price

Currently, there are five companies making sex robots around the world. The robot is priced at about 4,000 pounds sterling (Rp 73 million) to more than 11,600 pounds sterling (Rp 211 million) for luxury models.

With the price of so much the author of taste, for men Indonesia do not have to worry. If later this male sex robot is circulating here. Because Indonesian men are very smart, than to buy a robot mending to apply for your beloved.

Previously, McMullen said it had made a design for male sex robots with a bionic penis. He said, eventually, this robot will be present in various body sizes and shapes.

The market for sex robots is currently 95 percent male-dominated, but all may change. “I think men should worry, it’s possible that robots can outperform them,” said Cathy O’Neil, who has a PhD in mathematics from Harvard University, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

How, Is there a sense of anxiety for yourself after reading the information about the presence of Male Sex Robot? The author’s suggestion should not have to worry because it’s just a Robot.

Robot is just a machine that can not have feelings like you, even though it’s been married live girlfriend but until now still think and love him.