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Google Chromecast Sold Out and Not Ready Stock

OnetoTech.Com – Recently recently reported in the news if Google already has an online store in Indonesia. Or with the term google online store that has been only accessible in certain countries are now available in the country of Indonesia. There is a unique launching of this google store because it only displays a product that is google chromecast.

Chromecast is an advanced accessory that can turn your TV into smarter. You can access the internet, play videos and even play games with Google Chromecast only. Chromecast works with iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook.

Google Chromecast
Pic by Google Store

If you are curious, just check the store at store.google.com. To make google chromecast purchase through Google online store, while this can only be done through retailers who have cooperated with google.

Lazada and Indosat became the preferred partner of Google Chrome Chromecast and it can be viewed on the Applications and Partner navigation menu. In the two marketplaces, you can buy this google’s flagship product.

Google Chromecast Partner
Pic by Google Store

Google Chromecast Sold Out and Not Ready Stock

This is the question when many people want google chromecast its product is not available. Not yet known when this one product will be available at Lazada and Gig.

Want to know how much? Not up to a million, google chromecast is sold at Rp 555.000. Purchase through lazada will be provided in the form of payment methods. To pay the installment you must have a credit card and installment period up to three months or about Rp 185.000 / month.

Google Chromecast Sold Out
Pic by Lazada

But if you do not want to pay by credit card installment method, it could be by paying on the spot. Google Chromecast one-year official warranty from suppliers and those sold on this channel is Google Chromecast 2 HDMI Streaming – TV Dongle.

Higher than the previous series and of course with more qualified specifications for be streaming with family at home. This product is also referred to as Google Chromecast Generation 2 with spec details that you can read directly on the official website google store or on the product description in lazada.

How to Use Google Chromecast

Using Google Chromecast It’s easy simply by connecting the HDMI cable to your home TV and wifi network to get started. You can also watch videos from your favorite apps via smartphone, tablet or laptop and also you can use your smartphone as a remote to search, start and stop the content being watched.

How to Using Google Chromecast
Pic by Google Store

In addition to watching videos, you can also use Google chromecast to display the look of your smartphone or laptop to the TV screen. Is cool not it? Technology does make what is difficult for humans to be easier.

It has a fast wireless connection with Built-in Wifi 2.4GHz / 5.0Ghz 802.11ac connected to the internet via the wireless network in your home. With Google Chromecast you can enjoy over 200,000 TV shows and movies, 30 million songs, radio, games and more. Find all free or paid content from the millions of apps you can enjoy on TV with your family.