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Color Platform : Easy to Make and Publish Decentralized Apps

What is Color Platform

What is Decentralization Apps ? Color Platform dApps is the next generation application made with blockchain technology. How many apps have been made using blockchain technology like this color platform. Lots of it, and you can see it in State of the Apps.

Alright, what is a Color Platform? Color is the next generation platform for sophisticated high-performance decentralized applications. The only dApps that will be present at the Apple Store.

The main technology they call Color Spectrum. This is the technology they use to integrate developer partners on decentralized high-performance computing platforms to host dApps.

Color Spectrum allows partners to utilize computing resources from all dApps networks. Color Spectrum is high-performance and able to execute simultaneously.

If Blockchain still relies on dApps level prototypes, which are plagued by scalability problems. As with the Color Platform, they revolutionize the dApp ecosystem by developing enterprise-level applications.

In addition, instead of hosting a number of services that are not related to one platform, Color dApps will be supported by a single cryptocurrency, called Color Coin (COL).

Color Platform and Blockchain ?

The technology that is based on Blockchain is definitely in line with the name cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first to introduce the blockchain technology to the world.

You must ask, what is Blockchain? Blockchain is a globally distributed ledger that records transactions and is cryptographically guaranteed through a strong consensus mechanism.

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dApps built on blockchain technology has opened up the possibility of a newer and more interesting world. one of them is the presence of this Color Platform, which will regenerate technology into a more transparent, fast, inanimate and safe.

Pixel Program

To accelerate Color Coin (COL) distribution with explosive network effects, the Color Platform uses a unique Pixel Program where participants get incentives for their active participation in deploying Color Coin to the entire network.

The Color Platform focuses on fair distribution and active use of tokens to promote dynamic community tokens. The Pixel Program as one of the core dApps will serve Coin Coin’s proliferation and the growth and strength of the Color Platform.

The Color Team has developed the dApp ecosystem. They are Dailytto, Reward Inc., Color Design, and Color Guide.

Color also involves hardware, Namely Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) chips. Supported by PUF-based transactions, the Color increases transaction speed by allowing consensus between only two nodes involved.

This end-to-end consensus ignores the need for third-party confirmation and minimizes delays between transactions. Users can send and receive all types of transactions with a minimum confirmation delay. If you want more info about Color Platform, you can check in the official site.