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How to Change Galaxy Note 9 settings

Change Galaxy Note 9 Settings

Still having trouble changing the Galaxy Note 9 settings. Here are 3 settings that you might want.  To adjust to get the best experience using your new Galaxy Note 9.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a smartphone with a large screen. Has a versatile camera and durable battery pack. Hiding S Pen that is better than the previous version.

See 3 ways to Change Galaxy Note 9 Settings

Outside the box, Galaxy Note 9 will not have a maximum screen resolution that is activated by default. Samsung says it is to save battery life, and the screen still looks good at 2,220 x 1,080 resolution.

But Galaxy Note 9 the best big screen smartphone. So, of course, you want a resolution that fits the 6.4 inch cellphone screen.

Change Galaxy Note 9 Screen

Open Galaxy Note 9 Settings by opening your App Drawer and finding the Settings icon or swipe down in the notification drawer and tap the gear icon on the top right.

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Tap Screen then Screen resolution and drag the slider to a maximum resolution of 2.960 x 1.440-pixel.

Now, You can even set the resolution to a paltry 1,480 x 720 pixels if you really want to save battery power.

Change Galaxy Note 9 Navigation Bar

Head over to Settings > Display > Navigation Bar > Button layout and tap on Back/Home/Recents to choose the traditional Android layout.

  • Change the color of the navigation bar
  • Add a button to hide the navigation bar for a full-screen app experience
  • Customize the pressure level needed to use the home button from the lock screen.

Change Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Settings

Now, Galaxy Note 9 S Pen comes Bluetooth-equipped. That means you can use it as a remote to control functions on your smartphone.

By default, holding down the button on the S Pen will open the camera — press it once to snap a picture, and press it twice to swap between the rear or front camera.

Change the default app. Head over to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen remote > and tap Hold down pen button to.

You can technically choose any app. But the single and double press action buttons won’t work. Only a few apps support them, such as Chrome or the Gallery app.

Alternatively, you can choose to use the button to trigger S Pen functions like Create Note, Live Messages, Magnify, or Translate.

Head back to the general S Pen settings page, will looks are more options to tweak so you can customize the experience more.

There are still many Galaxy Note 9 settings that you need to know. So keep stay in here for the updates more article with same topic.