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Three Advantages Honor Play When Compared to Others

Advantages Honor Play

Not to be outdone by Smartphone gaming like Razer, Asus, and Xiaomi. Honor is now launching its newest gaming smartphone called Honor Play. What are the advantages Honor Play when compared to others.

Before deciding whether Honor Play is the best gaming smartphone. Here are three Advantages Honor Play that you need to know.

Three Advantages Honor Play

In this article there are at least three advantages honor play that you need to know. Such as honor play price, game features and battery life. The following is the full review.

What is the price of Honor Play

Price is not a technical feature, but without knowing how much honor play we cannot judge how sophisticated smartphone gaming is from this honor.

The new Honor Play gaming smartphone will be launched in India. For the 4GB model the price is 19.999 rupees (Rp. 4,169,880).

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According to many rumors, if you are looking for a smartphone game with special game features, the Honor Play excellence is far better and is able to beat the previous cheapest gaming smartphone, Nubia Red Magic.

Game features

Of course, gaming phones will not be real game phones without many features to enhance the gaming experience.

Honor’s big step is Turbo technology that is very proud of. Brand owner claims, honor play with turbo technology can improve GPU efficiency by 60 percent and reduce SOC energy by one frame by 30 percent.

Honor says this will result in a smoother gameplay performance with an increase in frame rate. Honor Play capabilities according to the company will even rival and beat Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and iPhone X. Wow!

Battery life

Of course it will be uncomfortable when you are playing the PUBG Mobile game, suddenly your smartphone battery runs out in the middle of the game. Fortunately, Honor Play presents a battery with a capacity of 3,750 mAh.

As for games, Turbo Technology owned by honor play offers overall power consumption. You can play games longer than an equivalent Android phone.

The main thing that distinguishes Honor Play from other gaming phones is its design.

Maybe at first glance you won’t think that Honor Play is a gaming phone. It may be that you think Honor play is the latest Honor mobile successor of Honor 10.

That’s a little review about What are the advantages Honor Play according to Onetotech. Maybe you can add excellence according to your version in the comments column, please.