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3 Easy Ways to Share Youtube Videos Via iMessage

Tiga Cara Mudah Berbagi Video Youtube via iMessage IOS App

OnetoTech.Com – Never thought that if your video on youtube can be shared via short message iMessage. This method will be easier to get viewer and subscriber more. The good news is now that youtube meets your wishes. Here are Three Easy Ways to Share Youtube Videos Via iMessage.

Did you know some time ago Youtube has released the latest update application for users of IOS App Store devices? The latest version of youtube this time really spoil its users not to tire of sharing videos. This time OnetoTech will share ways or tips on how to easily share youtube videos via iMessage.

Three ways to share youtube video via iPhone following actually have the same purpose, only with different ways. And in this article, OnetoTech will review the three ways so you can use one of them.

Three ways to share YouTube videos on iOS

You can share YouTube video clips in three different ways:

  • YouTube iMessage app – The YouTube app for iOS version 12.38 or later released a few days ago has an additional youtube video sharing feature in the iMessage app. Ability to quickly share videos you’ve watched recently, search for clips and more. Unfortunately, there are still drawbacks because your iMessage message recipient cannot watch the video if the iOS device does not have the YouTube app installed.
  • YouTube Application Sharing Menu – The YouTube app version 12.38 or later released a few days ago has added a video sharing menu via iMessages. Use the button to send videos you watch without having to leave the app. On iOS devices that have Youtube Apps installed, Automatically video can be played directly in the iMessage application.
  • Copy-paste method – Your usual Car can also paste video URLs into Messages chats.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

How to share YouTube videos on the Sharing menu

If you’re using the YouTube native iOS app and want to share an interesting youtube video with someone without having to leave the app, do the following:

  • Open the YouTube app on your device and tap on the video you want to share.
  • Press Share Options, then select Messages from the menu as your target share.
  • Type in the receiver’s iMessage phone number or email address that receives the recipient in the TO field (or start typing a name to select an entry from Contacts). Write your message if it is needed, then press the blue arrow to send it.
3 Easy Ways Video Sharing via iMessage
Select Messages from the YouTube Sharing menu

If your friend in the contact list does not use iMessage, they will get a link in an SMS / MMS message.

3 Easy Ways to Share Youtube Videos
Using the Sharing menu can make your friends play videos in the Messages app.

Your friends can take advantage of links in messages to play videos, without leaving the Messages app. They can also press the Volume icon in the top right corner to enable or disable sound. the default settings in this sharing menu, all the shared videos are muted.

Double tap to view the video into full screen.

3 Ways to Share Youtube Videos
Access iOS default playback controls in full-screen mode.

When in full-screen mode, you can still speed up the video up to fifteen seconds, increase the volume and if you do not like the video you can immediately close and return to the original menu.

How to share YouTube videos using the iMessage app

If you’re chatting in Messages and do not want to switch apps, you can share videos quickly using the YouTube iMessage app (requires YouTube for iOS version 12.38), here’s how:

  • Press the conversation in the Messages list.
  • Tap the App Store icon to the left of the text entry field, then tap the YouTube icon in the Messages app drawer at the bottom of the screen.
    Tip: If you do not see the icon, select More from the far right side, tap Edit, slide the YouTube button to the ON position and press Done to complete the change.
  • Scroll to select the video you just watched, then tap the thumbnail to share it.
3 Easy Ways to Share Youtube Videos via iMessage
Tap on thumbnails adds videos to chat with your friends.

To preview the video before sending it, tap on the three dot icon and select Play from the menu. The video is playing in full-screen mode: to send it, press Choose; To return, touch the arrow in the top left corner.

TIP: You can also find videos on YouTube with keywords. When using the search field, the app will display recently used search terms associated with your YouTube account (requires you login to the YouTube app). Press thumbnail in the search results to immediately send the clip or use the three-dot menu for preview before sending.

3 Easy Ways to Share Youtube Videos
You can preview the video before it is sent.

IMPORTANT: If your Friend does not install the YouTube app on their device, they will see your message as a small video image. And if your friend taps on the thumbnail it will go directly to the App Store page and then ask them to install the YouTube App on their iOS device.

How to Share Easy Video
The iMessage extension requires the YouTube Application Installed on your Friend’s Device

To put it in simpler terms, Your friends will not be able to play videos at all if they do not install the YouTube app on their device. Therefore, use this method only if you believe that your friends are also using the YouTube app and its iMessage extension.

iMessage has some additional YouTube-specific features to messages

On the upside, iMessage has some additional YouTube-specific features to messages.

Here's How to Share Youtube Videos
The iMessage extension brings the YouTube App control to Messages.

For example, you can use familiar YouTube playback control access in full-screen mode. Among these are To adjust the resolution, add clips to Watch Later list, enable or disable features, access video recommendations and more.

How To Share Youtube Videos
Tap “Open Apps” to switch directly to the actual YouTube app.

How to share a YouTube video by manually pasting the URL

Of course, you can manually type in a YouTube URL into a chat, or copy links from other browsers or apps to paste directly into the text entry field in the message as usual.

Those are three easy ways to share youtube videos using iMessage app on iOS Device. If you like this article, tell the people around you about this post or leave a comment below.